Why It Matters

NEPAL MATTERS. Nepal holds approximately 10% of the world’s remaining wild snow leopard population…a cornerstone species that acts as a leading barometer for overall health of the environment. As well, the snow and ice of Nepal’s Himalaya Mountains help supply fresh water for over 20% of the world’s human population.

To say the least, Nepal’s natural environment is incredibly important. It is also incredibly fragile.

Nepal is one of the poorest nations on earth. How can we protect one of earth’s most valuable ecosystems in such a poor country; where resources of all kinds are often rare commodities? Pangje Foundation believes the answer is in education. By helping support effective, powerful educational opportunities centered around conservation; Nepalese of all ages can become the stewards of their world…their natural environment, their cultural history, their future…the world’s future. Our initiatives focus on helping save the snow leopard through science, conservation, and education with an authentic community based ethic; creating opportunity, knowledge, and greater world views among individuals and communities.

SNOW LEOPARD CONNECTION. Why snow leopards? When communities help save apex predators like the snow leopard, the entire ecosystem benefits in a trickle down manner. Equally as important, because the snow leopard is deeply engrained in Nepalese lore and culture, by helping save the cats, communities are preserving their own human heritage as well. People are helping save the cats, and in turn the cats are helping improve the lives of people. It is all connected. We are all connected. To that end, Pangje’s initiatives connect all the dots and offer comprehensive, long term programs to help endangered species, the environment, and people. What happens in Nepal affects a large and important part of the world – and the benefits realized from these initiatives spread beyond Nepal in ways that positively affect the greater environmental, political, and social region. These initiatives are not isolated in singular geographic, societal, or time specific focus – but work in ways that offers global effect and influence for the long term.